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2020, August 2 to August 9

posted Jul 29, 2015, 7:51 AM by Leilani Stephenson   [ updated by Blaine Johnson ]
Sunday, August 9th

Tuesday, August 11th

Wednesday, August 12th

Thursday, August 13th

Sunday, August 16th
Worship Streaming link on Facebook  @StTimothyMelbourne and
8:30 am   Worship with Holy Communion (S)
9:45 am   Adult Ed (S and Zoom)
9:45 am    Coffee Meet-up (Zoom)
11 am Worship with Holy Communion (S) 

6:30 pm                Adult Bible Study (Zoom)

12:30pm                     Prayer Team (L)

10:00 am  Adult Bible Study (YH and Zoom)

Worship Streaming link on Facebook  @StTimothyMelbourne and
8:30 am   Worship with Holy Communion (S)
9:45 am Zoom Coffee Meet-up
9:45 am Adult Ed (S and Zoom)
11:00 am Worship with Holy Communion (S)
6:00 pm Education Committee (Zoom)
7:00 pm Council (Zoom)

FH = Friendship Hall
L = Library
N = Narthex
S = Santuary
YH = Young Hall
Zoom = online meetings requiring a protected link