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2005 Mission Trip

All three of the mission travelers have returned from India safely, but not without hiccups. Sarah’s luggage was delayed a day and Rick and JoAnn got delayed in Kuwait, forcing an overnight stay in Chicago. The mission was a blessing to all and was filled with many wonderful and memorable experiences.


This group photo of the Hope Village Boys, the School’s Teachers, Sarah, JoAnn and Rick was taken on August 4th, the day before leaving Kakinada. 


First Weather Picture Received at Hope Village

On Thursday, July 28th, the first weather satellite image was received at Hope Village from NOAA 17.  The antenna used (seen behind the crowd) was constructed here and finished just yesterday.  The receiver is a modified communications scanner. All the boys and their teachers gathered on the roof to hear the satellite and see the image of a cloudy India appear on the computer.  The equipment will remain in India even after Rick, JoAnn and Sarah return to Florida.

Sunday Worship Service a Moving Experience

Sunday, July 24th, was our second worship service at Hope Village. All the boys, the Hope Village staff and us participated.  Simyan, a lay preacher, oversees the service and provides a sermon. The service is filled with music, the combined voices of the boys with drums for the rhythm. If you download this music clip you can hear them too.  Note that this is a large file, so a high speed connection is recommended.

Deevena Food Program Feeds Many at CMC

On Monday, July 18th, Sarah, Rick and JoAnn got up early at Hope Village and traveled to the CMC to observe the Deevena Food program in action. We were impressed at the team’s organization and efficiency. Watch this slideshow to learn some of what we did about this service provided by the Christian Multi-Speciality Centre.  Note that this is a large file, so a high speed connection is recommended.

JoAnn, Rick and Sarah go to Nireekshana!

On Wednesday, July 13th, we traveled to CMC’s Nireekshana AIDS Health Center.  Watch this slideshow to get a sampling of our visit. If you don’t have a high speed connection, please be patient while it loads. Dr. Kurona described the services they provide and toured us through the facility.  We met and talked to many of the patients there to learn something about them and their illness.

The CMC hospital is on the north side of Kakinada.  Nireekshana is another 5km north of it. This shows the route we took.  Many of the roads we traveled were small and rough.


Here’s a short slideshow of some out-the-window views taken from the flight from Orlando to India while going across Europe and the Middle-east. It’s a large file, so a high speed connection is recommended.

The trip from Florida to India is a long one.  Here’s a graphic of the plannedroute JoAnn and Rick’s flight took. That’s 10,285 miles, one-way!. From Chennai we took a train North along the coast to Kakinada.