Local Outreach


by Pastor Rob Rose

Assistant to the Bishop, Administration

We are getting calls from pastors who have families who have lost everything - their home, their cars, all of their possessions. Total devastation. The greatest need right now is money for emergency grants for each one of these families. They need to pay for housing and replace all the "things of life" we take for granted.

Please know 100% of the money you send to the Synod will be used to meet the needs of the people devastated by Hurricane Ian. 100%. Please give so we can offer some hope and walk along side our neighbors in need.

If you have questions about how to give, where the money will go, how it will be used, please email me at Robr@fbsynod.org or call me at 813-876-7660, ext. 222. God bless you and thank you in advance for your generosity.

Habitat for Humanity of South Brevard is supported with our dollars for building of new homes by Habitat builders. We provide construction workers and help to provide food for the workers on assigned Saturdays.

Daily Bread the local food kitchen in Melbourne is supported by providing help in serving the noon meal on the third Thursday of each month.

Senior Adventures in Learning (S.A.I.L.) is an interfaith service made possible through the sponsorship of area churches and synagogues. The program is for adults 55 and over. St. Timothy is a proud sponsor of this program.

St. Timothy Food Pantry, open Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., is supported by your donations of food products such as canned beans, fruit and meat, dry pasta and rice, pasta sauce, boxed cereal, dry milk pouches, crackers and snack food packages. There is a constant need for these items.

Through our giving we also support Lutheran colleges and seminaries, our synods retirement centers and social welfare agencies, The Lutheran World Federation, Lutheran World Relief and others.